What kind of therapy?

There are many different kinds of therapies, and it can be very confusing trying to work out what therapy will suit you.  Probably the most well known therapy is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), largely because the psychologists and therapists involved in developing the approach have been most active in actually doing research to prove its effectiveness.  However there has also been some excellent research which suggests strongly that it is the relationship between the client and the therapist which is most important, more so than the kind of therapy they offer.  For this reason, anyone thinking of starting therapy should trust their feelings about the therapist they are seeing, particularly in terms of trust and feeling able to discuss their problems freely.

There are also indications from the research that if a person is going to get a benefit from therapy with that particular therapist, they are likely to get some sense of improvement by  five or six sessions, so that can be a good time for client and therapist to review how things are going.  I built this review into my work with clients.

As I have had training in a number of models of therapy over the years, I use concepts and ideas from a range of approaches, including the recent work in the area of cognitive science.